I hope the weather will be fine tomorrow.

Can't we just get them to leave?


Pinching the back of your shoulder should help you to cure hiccups.


What are your favorite ingredients to put into Miso soup?


Sarah sings a happy song, a happy song Sarah sings.

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How many dresses like that does Moran have?

I thought Ralf would stop by to say hello.

Let's play by ourselves.

I wish that Lila would join our team.

Would you like a cookie?

At last, the bus company gave in.

Did you buy these for them?

I'll give him a pen.

Bill's work is selling cars.

I will go and pick up my child from daycare.

My father trained me not as a man or a woman, but as a performer.

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You're lucky, aren't you?


Your eyes are very beautiful.


He was lost in thought.

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He was such a natural when it came to ad libbing.


The children in the house stood round the stove; for they wanted to see the paper burn.

I'm sleepy. I'm going to sleep. Good night.

I knew Siegurd would do something stupid.

I am nearly forty and still unmarried.

I sometimes have a hard time choosing whether I should listen to reason or my feelings.

Have you met any of Indra's friends?

I paid for the damage.

The dwarves are great smiths.

The Canadian governement has cut back funding for environmental research.


The hunter aimed at the bird, but missed.


You're going to talk to Michael, aren't you?


There were seven cases of unsold wine in the cellar.

I'm an independent contractor with 14 years' experience.

I plan to write Bill a letter.

We're Edward's family.

It could be a trick.

I think I know someone that might help us.

She was sick in bed yesterday.

I canvassed the whole town for orders.

Have you ever seen an elephant fly?

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The wall is 27.5 meters long.

I heard that, too.

Hui and Israel were impressed.


Can I have a cup of coffee?

He seized the child's hand.

Tell them what you heard.


I want to go with you.

Then I felt that my parents really loved me.

Why are you so tired?

I have nothing more to do today.

I watch the news every evening.

I like to take my children to the beach.

I haven't been to Boston since 2013.


I half rose to my feet to leave my seat.

Warren doesn't remember turning off the light.

Olivier and I were both wrong.

I have lost my cap.

Giles gave me a box of chocolates.

Johan told everyone that he thought Benjamin would make a good wife for someone someday.

James needs to come up with something fast.

All is illusion.

I'll build a large building.

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I finally pulled myself together and made a Herculean effort to improve my sock situation: I bought 15 pairs of identical black socks, and threw away my old ones.

It's not too much to ask of you, to clean your own shoes, Jeannie.

Rice is cultivated in several parts of the world.

What is Gestalt Therapy?

I got to know her in France.

Free entry.

Connie told us not to do that anymore.

Neither of those things happened.

I will make up for it next time.

As the bath is too hot, I will run some cold water into it.

Be quiet. If you aren't quiet, you'll be thrown out.

I'm the new teacher.

Kieran wondered if Irwin would like the gift he bought her.

What more can Herman do?

Could I see you tonight?

Say hello to your sister for me.

Sal is obviously crazy about Tait.


Players were limited in what they could and could not do to get and keep the ball.

I'm not expecting anyone.

It's a mixture of ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware.

Ann wrote something on the blackboard.

John is much taller than Milo.

This insect is tiny, but very dangerous.

We remind you that all library books are due to be returned by 15th October.


Why would anyone not like Sedovic?

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In chess, there are situations where it pays off to sacrifice a piece to gain an advantage in the long term.


Kristen is heading to the marina.

I have a pretty dog.

If anyone were to talk to me like that, I would call a police.

I really like this one.

The top of the hill is flat.

Do you know Ramiro's last name?

She found the key to my heart.

He thought maybe this was a trick.

Earnie let out a belch.

I can pilot a helicopter.

Sear on each side over medium heat for 4 - 5 minutes.


Discussions about religion are very often contentious.

His data is not accurate at all.

Roxie usually goes out at night.


Mikey knew it was foolish to go out by himself after dark.

I really appreciate what you've done.

Chandra proved that there was an upper limit to the mass of a white dwarf. This limit, known as the Chandra limit, showed that stars more massive than the Sun would explode or form black holes as they died.

I'm young, too.

I have no idea where he lives.

He has a nice place in the country.

Maybe we should eat something.

Won't you go for a walk?

I'd like to reserve a seat on this train.

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It bothers me, too.

What are you still doing up?

I didn't realize that Stuart's bill was overdue.

I hope he sings the song I asked him to sing.

The radio is so noisy.

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Eliot speaks two foreign languages.


Ted is good at fixing watches.


Srikanth used to think Vivek was the most beautiful woman in the world.

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It's never happened before.


Unexpectedly the weather forecast came true yesterday.

I don't know what to make of your actions.

Jarmo likes her job.

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Owen eats breakfast every morning.

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Emily is a mother.

We thought you were sick.

Forget about Hienz.


My father fixed a broken chair.

We need all the practice we can get.

He tried to bring the argument to an end.


Marsha came back into the living room.

We'll have to talk this matter over in the near future.

I haven't met with Liber recently.


I was ashamed of showing my face to him.


You're just idiots.


Stop scaring him.

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Tired as he was, he went on working.

My mother attached herself to a cooperative society.

He must have reached the station.

That firm has a good reputation.

Did you have any luck?

Jean already thanked me.

The law needs to be amended.

You're the prettiest girl in town.

The cat climbed up the tree.

I'm buying fruit and chocolate.

Let's not beat around the bush.


Hardly anyone even tries.

Why don't you leave, Matthieu?

Let's take a trip.

Grinding coffee beans makes me think of all the things I haven't accomplished in life.

"Hi, Harry!" "Ross... Moe Riddle!" "Ha, no!" "What?" "I am you!" "Are you a ghost?" "No, I'm a cook!" "What?"

They listened to the teacher with their eyes shining.

Who said that? It's totally wrong!

Linda can dance as well as Meg.

Wait till the kettle begins to sing.

What was your time in Boston like?

I was just going to express an opinion, when he cut in.

He fainted from the heat, but his wife's patient nursing brought him to.

Didn't you say you had some pull with Lex?

They are eating a sandwich.

I was invited to Randolph's party.